Music Department
The VCCI Music Department provides Spirit-led, dynamic praise and worship for services at VCCI. A commitment to practice, team work, spiritual growth, and humility is necessary to serve successfully in this vibrant call to ministry. Our goal is to usher the presence of God into a corporate setting, where the music and the anointing will prepare people’s hearts to receive the teaching/preaching of the Word. Members of this department demonstrate an intermediate to advanced level of skill in their vocal or instrumental gifts.


Outreach Ministry
The Outreach ministry is the arm of VCCI into the community, providing practical evidence of the love of Jesus Christ to those who are in need of that knowledge, through practical assistance. We hear the heart of the Lord and bring a moment of joy and relief to those around us. We also contribute to community building efforts, as opportunities present themselves. Those volunteers who join in outreach activity are required to be courageous, patient, loving and generous with time and resources. Outreach is a monthly occurrence and may involve interaction with members of the population in Montgomery County who are elderly, homeless and indigent.


PPA Ministry
The PPA Ministry provides care for all services at VCCI. We ensure that the Word of GOD goes forth uninterrupted. A PPA allows the Pastors quality time with the Lord, free of concern from attending to some natural duties. We serve in a spirit of excellence – doing whatever it takes, serving whomever, whenever, and however, as required.


Parking in Excellence Ministry
The Parking in Excellence Ministry facilitates safe, organized and legal parking in the lots at the “V”. As the first point of contact, our Parking in Excellence volunteers greet everyone with a smile as they direct them to their parking space.


Partnership Class
Partnership Class is a part of the VCCI Adult Education curriculum. It is a ‘Bible 101” class designed to give new partners a scriptural foundation on which to build, as well as provide opportunities to gain understanding into the Scriptural basis for our core beliefs and the teaching received from our Pastors and Leaders. Completion of the Partnership Class is a pre-requisite for joining any VCCI ministry or continuing education, including MTD (Ministry Training and Development) and Healing School Technician training. The department is comprised of VCCI Ministers, Teachers, and support staff.


Partner Care Ministry
VISION SCRIPTURE: John 13:34 “A new commandment I give unto you, as I have loved you; so love ye one another.
MISSION: To care for the partners in the local body by promoting community, fellowship and resourcefulness.
MOTTO: It’s a love thing!

Partner Care is a group of mature and accountable servant-leaders who facilitate the effective flow of the vision of this church from the leadership to the local church body. Loving as Jesus commanded, we are committed to promoting a thriving community of believers who have the resources needed to live victoriously. Partner Care is involved in the following processes at VCCI: Greeters, Visitors, Partnership class, Baby Dedication, Baptism, Rapid Response and community outreach projects. Personnel within this ministry: Ministers, Deacons, Deacons-in-training, PC Assistants and Administrative.


Pre-Marital Ministry
The Pre-Marital Ministry is for couples who are planning to marry. Couples are given biblical teaching and practical applications to provide a strong foundation so that they discover God’s plan and purpose for marriage. Their thinking will change from the world’s perspective to God’s perspective and they will find that God’s way leads to success in their marriage covenant and relationship.