Our Pastor

pastorbrew1Pastor Dwayne Brewington is the founder and senior pastor of Victory Christian Church International (VCCI) in Gaithersburg, Maryland which serves thousands of members. The vision for their church is taken from 1Timothy 2:4, “that all men be saved and come unto the knowledge of the truth”. With more than 15 years in ministry, Pastor Brewington is committed to teaching and preaching the Word of God to people all over the world, bringing them to realize that they can live a victorious life through Jesus Christ.


Pastor Brewington also known as, “Pastor Brew” is a much sought-after conference speaker and is known for his direct style of preaching that is filled with object lessons and often humorous analogies so everyone listening can easily understand the Word of God and apply it to their daily lives. Pastor Brew’s positive message that every believer can live “victoriously” can also be seen online at www.victoriouslivingtoday.org.